venerdì 15 settembre 2017

a string, a little twig, and a lot of love...

Glimpses, original artworks in exhibition in Milano
my drawings beautifully framed by Milonga

leporello, a little book of folded paper
to stroll about (in circle) in a faint memories of the wood
tied with a string, a little twig, and a lot of love...

. . .

Milonga Cornici / via Ripamonti 6, Milano
14 settembre - 28 ottobre 2017

domenica 10 settembre 2017

the original artworks and a little book...

see you soon

Glimpses . the original artworks and a little book
in exhibition, 14 settembre 2017 / ore 17:30
via Ripamonti 6, Milonga Cornici (fino al 28 ottobre)

martedì 23 maggio 2017

the woods' language

piece by piece, the first leporello is pretty ready for a printing test

So nice will be, in the end, feeling and touching
the images on the paper I chose for my little book.
Not too smooth, not too rough, not too white,
a warm and nice paper to let the woods speak their language

that's my wish...

black squirrel

today another fragment, a squirrel...

mercoledì 17 maggio 2017

woodpecker / a glimpse

the fragments are going to take shape, the shape of a remembrance

branches, mixed media on grey cardboard
woodpecker and mouse and lichen, pencil on paper and cardboard